DUH moment

For a very long time I’ve wanted to learn archery, and so my sweetie did a swap with a friend for a very nice Ben Pearson bow.  It was a HUNTER 7090, w/a 40# draw!  Not something for a woman, with weak upper body strength, and arthritic fingers to start with!  But I could draw it back some, and could shoot arrows relatively accurately.  But not really fun and as a result it has sat in the closet for several years.

Decided to get another, less heavy bow and began researching.  And what did I find out but that this wonderful bow is a LEFT HANDED BOW!

Anyway, have a vintage Ben Pearson bow on my watch list with Ebay, but have purchased a fireflight takedown bow; 62″ and 20lbs.  Really light weight, but the nice thing about a take down is I can change the arms as I get stronger.

Kind of see this as learning to shoot with a .22 rather than jumping right into a .357 magnum kind of thing.


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