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The end of the world as we know it has already happened. It’s not a going to be thing, it’s here.  But there’s still a lot of the old world around, and time for making the changes.  This first blog is how I came to become what some call “preppers”, and subsequent ones will be comments on what I’m doing, ideas along the way, and just sort of “thinking out loud”.

Someone told me they were concerned about the children of “preppers” growing up with these fears and paranoia of something going to happen.  This obviously from a person who doesn’t think there is going to be a radical change in our lives over the next decade or so, or maybe just doesn’t know what to do about it and so ignores it.

Which got me thinking, maybe MY feelings on the subject are based on the government’s teaching me to “duck and cover” throughout my childhood, building bomb shelters in my school and government buildings, besides encouraging us all to find a place to start one. from living in a world of Cold War, nuclear testing, and ballistic missiles.

Anyway, for years, while living in NYC, wondered how to prepare.  There wasn’t much info back in those days (late 1970’s). After my divorce in ’78 found myself doing all kinds of things that only made marginal sense.  storing bottled water, canned goods, etc.  Certainly not enough to make much difference as I now know.  But also started to learn how to preserve foods; hot water bath canning of fruits, dehydrating fruits, sewing, herbal medicine, etc.  Made my first salve in those early days – which went moldy.

Later, got the opportunity to move to a more rural location where FINALLY was able to grow my own veggies. continued learning about herbal medicines and foraging.  Also stockpiled more (commercial) canned goods.

Then we moved to Arizona, and had to learn so much all over again, lessons interrupted for taking care of our elders for several years.  My husband put up with me and of late has been a contributor as he’s seen the immediate advantages to my own version of “prepping”.  This last Christmas my gift was a vacuum sealer – that will run on 12v as well as 120.  year before an excalibur dehdrator. Year before that an All-American pressure canner.  Every year I buy more canning jars and lids.  Now he’s considering creating a safer place for storing my canned goods, and the empties in between.  He’s helped me learn how to use a gun, and has encouraged me to be an active shooter.

We’ve also talked about skills.  When I see other “preppers” (did you know there is a TV show about that?) storing foods and talking about what they are doing, don’t see some of what I consider the more practical aspects of survival.  Yes, they have food and water put away but what about after that’s gone. Where are the water purification filters or still?  maybe they have a bug out vehicle, but where is the 4000 gallon fuel storage tank they’ll need to go along with that?  Where are the books about any number of subjects they might need to know?  Where are their chickens, their rabbits?  One guy had seeds and was prepared to supply fresh vegetables in the form of sprouts for his family. really a good idea. but how was he going to heat his house? he lived in a rural PRAIRIE community, no trees.  Where was his solar oven/cook stove. where was his rocket stove? Or was he going to use the vehicle, with no gasoline, to get to where wood was available?

There are a lot of reasons for people to prep for an unsure future. Some people are afraid of terrorist dirty bombs. Some are afraid of nuclear strikes on stratigic targets. Some are afraid of Solar Flares.  Some earthquake or volcanic eruption.  personally, all are possibilties, along with societal and economic collapse, failure of government, and just lack of food due to GMO failure.

There is really little difference between the Prepper, the Survivalist, the Homesteader and the person striving for self-reliance.  All are looking to manage without outside help.  The first two may be more concerned about ecological disaster (as in nuclear radiation), or having to actively protect their homes, families, and stash than the others, but the level of preparedness is about the same.

My other blog ( is more of a gardening journal / leaning towards self-reliance with a little of my knitting experiments.  This will be talking about some more “radical” things like arms, skills, protection, ammendment rights, etc.  Look forward to hearing from those of like mind as they find me here.


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