when there is no doctor

The sub title on this book is preventive and emergency home and healthcare in challenging times. Its by Gerard S. Doyle, MD.

Its not what I’d hoped it would be, but then, realistically, don’t think any one book could provide all that!

This fellow refers to the EOTWAWKI as “gridcrash” and its just as good a word as any other.

He advocates more personal responsibility for our health and well being NOW: so we can be better physically prepared for the day of ‘gridcrash’, and to reduce our dependancy on the current system and keep our $$ where it belongs, with us!

His advice starts with the simple first aid kit for the small things: flood, blizzard, hurricane.  Small catastrophes that will require us to be self-sufficient for a short period of time.   he talks about the next stage of preparedness. Things that may take us out of the loop of civilization for an extended period of time, like pandemics, earthquakes, nuclear disasters, economic collapse, sunspots.  Then there are the big things, like the total breakdown of things that will require us to be self-sufficient for the rest of our lives (or at least many years).

This book is a little jumbled, in my opinion, but he’s obviously also considered that the EOTWAWKI it well take many forms and civilization as we know it will breakdown differently dependant on who we are, and where we are!

Good references for further information on both alleopathic medical care as practiced by the laymen, also references for dental care when there is no dentist. he does talk about alternative medicine and its place in an EOTWAWKI scenerio.   Information on how to handle the dead. and simple basic things, like how to use a pressure cooker in place of an autoclave for sterilizing instruments, use of maggots for debriding wounds.

No this book isn’t all things for all people. it is a very good place to find out what you need to know if you want to be responsible for your health care on any level; as a homesteader, someone who is practicing self-reliance, a survivalist, or taking care of a community.

and remember, if you choose to download some of the mentioned texts into your computer / nooke / kindle – be sure you have some kind of memory back up along with alternate energy source to keep that up and running in the event of true “gridcrash’!


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