rewriting the 2nd ammendment

Since this is my blog to rant and rave and carry on, am posting my thoughts on losing our freedoms and rights as “granted” by the Bill of Rights.  The obvious attack is on the 2nd ammendment, and the issue of owning and carrying a gun.  Yet, the second ammendment does not mention guns at all.  It states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. (this is a great link to an article about the original bill of rights )

It is about the right to bear arms.  That includes knives and any other impliment that might be considered a weapon.  So a club, a bow and arrow, nunchuka (nunchucks),  even your turkey carving knife, could be considered “arms”.

Now, on one side of this argument is the gun lobby that is saying denying us the right to bear arms is in violation of the Bill of Rights.  On the other side of the argument are those who would have you believe that anyone who has a gun is a bloodthirsty murderer.  In the middle is the dust cloud that is keeping us from seeing the truth.

So I’m going to propose a re-wording of the 2nd ammendment.  That a people, in a largely civilized environment, have the right to security including the right of self defense and protection of their homes, families and self.

You might think that the police are protecting your right to security.  The police are Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs).  They do not offer you security, but can only act when a law is broken.  So until such time as that stalker crosses the line and causes harm, they cannot act.  Even if you have a writ of protection, how far away is the nearest policeman when that stalker crosses that invisible line?

What can you do, what would you do, to protect your self, your family, your home from harm?  Lets talk about non-human attack.  What if you were camping and a rabid mountain lion attacked ( )

what if you were vacationing in a rustic cabin and were attacked by a bear ( )

what if you were at home and found a Coyote / bobcat / feral dog in your backyard attacking your pet, or worse, you child?    Sadly, it does happen.  More here in the southwest than some places, but we’ve all read the stories of someone who has had this tragedy.  And no, its not always some pitbull.  In my life time the bad dogs have been German Shepards, Doberman Pincers, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, and now have settle on Pitbulls.  Which is off the subject.

What would you do? just stand in your house horrified while waiting for the police or animal control and watch something or some one you love get ravaged?

What if you were at the circle K or Seven 11 when some desperate individual came in to rob the place; waving a gun around and targeted you because you were trying to use your cell phone to call 911?

what if a human predator attacked you or your family in your home?  Again, would you just stand by while your spouse or child is attacked?  Allow yourself to get shot while trying to hide in a closet to call the police on your cell phone?  Did you know that under the guise of anti-gun legislation that your rights to defend yourself have been reduced considerably?

A woman who is attacked by a possible rapist, and successfully defends herself against the attack comes off as the “bad guy”, unless she can PROVE her attackers intent?  Ditto for using certain levels of force against someone in your home.  There are even places where the law reads that you have must leave your home rather than confront those  unwelcomed individuals who have entered it!  And what if you can’t? In those places, it is inferred that you should accept what ever outcome those intruders care to inflict rather than try to protect yourself.

Certainly the use of deadly force is not welcomed by anyone other that a suicidal individual.  But should someone force themselves upon me or mine, I don’t want the only option to be curl up and wimper in a corner!  And the only reason I would willingly allow myself to be abused or used is if it would give others the opportunity to escape harm.

So what would you do?  As the saying goes, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.  It is also said, an armed society is a polite society.

Being armed does not make one a cold blooded murderer.  Being armed takes a committment to proper behaviour, learning proper use of ones weapon of choice, and being sure of the full intent of all parties involved in an altercation.  Possessing a weapon does not guarantee you will get to use it, ever, in  your life time other than practice and honing skill.  You might not even get to use it in an altercation for a large number of reasons, so it should not be considered as your primary defense.

Remember that no matter how many laws are passed, only a law abiding citizen is going to do “what’s right”.  That leaves a lot of room for those who are NOT law abiding to do what’s wrong.  If a sign says “no guns allowed” who will enter unarmed?  Law abiding folks.  Unlawful folks will say “wow, a chance to do . . . . without anyone being able to stop me”.  If the law says, turn in your guns, who will do so? Law abiding folks. Do you think the “bad guys” are going to do so?  When you enter a government building and they ask if you have a weapon, who will turn in their 2″ pocket knife? who will keep their switchblade in their boot?

Laws are only effective on law abiding citizens, who don’t really need those rules  to regulate their own behaviour.

So before you begin the knee jerk reaction to someone who proposes the right to keep and bear arms, consider that the Bill of Rights is not a menu where  you get to pick and choose.  The Bill of Rights is a founding basis for our great country and without it, we’ll be just like everyone else who is living under the heavy thumb of control.  We keep all our rights, or we lose them all.




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