for anyone preparing for the EOTWAWKI, the LDS offer a free download of their preparednes manual.  Right now, i’m reading the hardcopy version.  Omit the religious POV’s, but they are big time preparers for the troubles that are to come.  lots of advice, recommendations, suggestions, and ideas.  From food, to medicines, to weaponry.  This is a good place to start making your lists for your bug out bags, short term stores, and long term prepping.  They fully believe that the second coming of Christ will be preceeded by catastrophes.  So they feel that if prepared, there is no fear.  or as they point out, Noah built the ark BEFORE it bgan to rain.

Regardless of what your POV, trouble is coming and there is nothing wrong with being prepared.

the letters stand for Latter day saints another voice of warning.


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