how much

how much prepping is enough?  How far do you go in creating a secure space?  Is it so secure that it takes an hour to get in when you know you’ve got half that to get your essentials out because of a fire?    And what IF?  what if you are out visiting friends and family at a wedding when TSHTF?  you’ll be miles away from your stash, wearing your best clothes, with (hopefully) your weekend bug out bag.  of course, if you flew to your destination and rented a car, with airport security as it is, you might not even have that with you!  At some point you have to draw a line in the sand.  We live in a small city, many miles from a slightly larger city, which is MANY miles from the next size up city.  1/2 an hour by car to the first, 45 -60 minutes to the next, and 90 miles from the nearest major metropolitan area.  Fire is probably our biggest concern.  Fire could take it all away in moments.  No matter how careful we are.  So how far, how much, how secure?


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