how much can you do?

Have been reading the LDS preperation manual and it is full of some really good ideas. Not all are applicable to all people (don’t live in a city, don’t work at an outside job, have no children).  Some of the scariest info is in the last few pages; what can happen after.  The stories of what happened after Katrina are sobering, and scary.  But as one person said, how much do you do?

We don’t know when the SWHTF / EOTWAWKI event will happen.  nor do we know what form it will take.  For the folks in New Orleans, Katrina was both!  but it was a recoverable event.  Same with a disasterous earthquake or volcano eruption.  If we suffer from a nationwide bank scare, that will be huge, but also recoverable.  Any nationwide economic event leaves us with some choices about “bugging out”.  What if it is a blight to our food source?  what if it is pandemic?  less choices.  What if it is a world wide event?  even less choices about where to go, and the bigger the event, the longer the recovery time.

Also, what about our existing “debt”.  Such an event may not end our financial obligations on our mortgage, car payments, credit cards.  And if we survive the event, recovery will also reveal our outstanding indebtedness.

So choices have to be made.  The choice to rid ourselves of debt, takes monetary resources we could use for prepping.  We could take all our $$ and put it towards preparedness, but even that won’t guarantee we will survive such a time.  or we could spend no $$ in preparation.

When I read the stories of folks who have lost their jobs and not been able to find work, can you image how much easier their lives would have been if they had reduced debt and had a stash of food on hand?

basically, we each have to make a choice about how much we do at a time.  I’ll buy  a few extra cans of beans or veg each trip to the market.  Sale items on meats, buy a little extra and can it.  Sugar’s on sale, a couple of bags and seal them with the vacuum sealer.  Will can up some complete meals.

My first priority right now is a good bug out bag.  Amazing that I’ve never done it.  Always assume we will have enough time to put it together.  but we live in a forested area and there is every possibility that we could wake up tomorrow morning and have to leave RIGHT NOW!  If we get a notice that we’ll have to evacuate in xxx period of time, we can load up some essentials in our camper before we go.  But maybe not.  We’ve been lucky, but we’ve seen a number of people in our state, over the last few years, standing around shelters with nothing but the PJ’s they are wearing!

So am beginning to establish my middle ground for preparation.  The things I want to get and the order I’d like to get them.  As I said to my husband, at some point, when we’re old,  we may just spend a few years living off our stash!

May it be so!



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