Sandy Hook shootings

hopefully, at some time in the future, this even will not have the impact on our emotions that it is having now.  20 children, most 6 years old, the rest close, plus teachers, as well as the gunman’s mother.  What do we do.  Only the head of the NRA refuses the idea of gun sale regulation.  As emotions have people crying out, the blame, of course, is on the guns, not the man.

Just a few days before, someone shot up a mall in the northwest.  Right after, someone was shooting in a parking lot in California.  Then some guy in the midwest threated a school and was busted with 47 guns.  During the memorial services for the children, someone called in a threat to the ‘survivor’s’ lives.  then it was some guy shooting at people in cars on a highway in PA, which also wounded some cops and the gunman being killed.  Today, a fire set in upstate NY and the responding fireman get picked off.

How can you blame people for screaming about guns.  It is a deadly weapon, and in the hands of madmen like this, disasterous.

Gun rights supporters often talk about laws only affect the lawful.  well, if Im lawful, can’t I stand a little more prying to up the anti that the crazy unlawful, at least, will find it harder to get guns?

The NRA only proposes arms in schools, and under the circumstances, have to agree.  Why shouldn’t the teachers and principal ahve the right to concealed carry so they can protect themselves and their children?

And I also agree that we have too much violence in our media and entertainment.  All these shoot ’em up video games are teaching is, if you don’t like what the other guy is doing, shoot ’em! We are becoming inurred to violence.

Would love to know what is driving these folks to this killing frenzy, but that may never be known.  What I do see is people getting more and more stressed and snapping their holds with reality. desperation to feed their familes as government unemployment aide runs out.  And with the weather changes, there will be crop failures, plus crop land being taken out of food production for ethanol production.  poor crops will mean incresed feed costs for cattle, chickens, etc.  This year am thankful for the freezer AND the ability to have the money to splurge on the sale items when they are available.  Help tide us through non-sale days.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is christmas day.  So merry christmas to all, and to all a good night


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