the oregon battery powered chainsaw

when we installed our woodburning fireplace insert, knew we would have to get a new chainsaw too.  Even if we still had our old one, well, frankly, we’re not in any physical shape to handle a gasoline powered saw with a 20″ blade!  After a little research, settled on the Oregon battery powered saw w/ the high capacity lithium battery.  A bit pricey, and would still like to get a second battery, but for what it is, its great.  with a 14″ bar, it can actually cut wood of a sufficient diameter to make a real fire.  The battery lasts long enough to cut some wood, not so long we get totally beat up.  light enough that even a woman can do it!

Hubs is feeling poorly today, the weather is cloudy and damp, and there isn’t much wood in the house.  went out to find that there isn’t much out there for cutting either!

Checked the oil (it was low), and cut up some 2″ pieces, as well as the last of the 6″ that was out there.  and that used up the battery.  That also filled up the inside log holder.  Did find, that for what ever reason, can cut better with the left hand than the right.  As I’m sitting here typing this, can feel every moment I was out there through my left arm!!

So while the battery is charging will feed the dog, make lunch, and maybe take some aspirin.  Then will head out to cut some bigger stuff to bring back for cutting tomorrow, as the day after is predicting snow showers.

If the SHTF, this battery can still be charged using a solar powered generator. the saw itself is quiet – sounds like hedge clippers rather than the noise we’re used to from a gasoline powered chain saw.  By next year, hope to have that back up battery.  Mostly because we’ll have to roam a little farther afield to gather our wood.

Modern technology has given us solar and wind powered generators, and a host of lithium battery powered tools that will make living post EOTHAWKI a lot easier than it might have been even just 20 years ago.  A good generator will even keep that laptop going so you can access that library of e-books, and use those dvd’s to keep the kids happy, and all the music I know you have stashed on a back up memory file.  rechargeable solar lights will keep the evenings bright, and a lot safer than using candles everywhere.  it might be a really nice world!


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