politically incorrect

Spent 1-1/2 hours yesterday being very politically incorrect; went out with the guns for some practice.  The DH has been doing some custom reloads (no, not heavier rounds, lighter ones for me particularlly), and we wanted to see how they worked.  Also, as much as I enjoy the target shooting, I want to be sure that I’m accurate with my little concealment gun just in case

Carry a Ruger LCR in 38, although I’ve got the same gun in 22LR.  With the 22 can shoot rounds for practice, then I’ll pick up the 38 to see if I can do the same with the heavier gun. Yesterday it was single hand, point and shoot, and admit I surprised myself.  With a 7″ target, and shooting probably 150 rounds total (or more), it was poor marksmanship.  On the other hand, within a space of 14″ wide by 24″ h igh, every shot was accounted for.  Even with my standard 158 grain load, my ability to handle the little 38 was pretty good.  Then switched down to a 130 grain load, and even more accurate, and with the custom 110 load he’d made, easy stuff.  Also tried all three loads in my S&W model 19-4, w/6″ barrel.  by the time I’d worked down to the 110 loads, it was almost as easy as shooting with a 22!  The gun itself is much heavier than that little polymer Ruger, but the accuracy of the thing is awesome!

Unfortunately, have arthritis in the first joint of my trigger finger, but all those rounds in pistols wasn’t too bad.  Then had a misfire in my 357, and we noted that not all the primers showed a good hard strike.  coming home, discovered on this old Model 19, the striker is a separate piece, mounted on the hammer, not one cast piece.  and the striker is loose.  so its not coming down with the same force, in the same place, all the time. Gave the gun a good cleaning and will give it a try later this week to see if that helps.  Otherwise, will have to decide if we go for the repair, or this great gun gets put aside.

Next time we go out, will work on some off hand shooting.  Also need to get out my 9mm and make sure I’m still comfortable working with them.

Do hope that what ever gun legislation gets passed is sensible and realistic.  if it looks like its not, will have to thin down and weed out what guns to let go.  Such a shame that because of a few crazies, people (legislators and anti-gun folks) are willing to make criminals of the rest of us!  They can’t enforce the bans on drugs and other contraband now, what makes them think they can enforce more laws??


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