intuitive shooting

Have been working on what is called intuitive shooting; that is what you do when you don’t have time to take out your gun, grab it with both hands, get into your shooting stance, aim, and shoot. Being right handed, began working this technique – single handed shooting – with my right hand. That is draw, point, shoot.  Oh, I can hit something less than the broad side of a barn, but was definitely not very accurate.  Today continued that practice, but also using my off-hand, my left hand, and my accuracy increased dramatically!  Tonight, dry fire practice, I’d pull the gun, aim, and then check my sights.  Every time, my right hand was unaligned both up and down, as well as right to left.  With my left hand, I might be aiming low, but the sights were in perfect alignment (right to left).  The only thing I think might be going on, is a little either carpal tunnel or arthritis in my right thumb means I’m not holding the gun properly.  Know I’m holding it tightly, was using the 1911 today also, and if its not held tightly, it won’t shoot!  If I can’t develop a better technique with my right hand, may have to rethink my entire holstering, concealment, drawing, shooting thing and switch to left hand work!  next time out, will try it with the 38 and see how I do!

Would love to carry the 9mm (its a Ruger P95). Shoots well, and is very comfortable in the hand.  But without a doubt, the 38LCR is a much better concealed weapon. has enough weight to make its recoil manageable. A heavy enough bullet to be effective.  and with the shrouded hammer, a high safety level.  Of course, its a 5 shot vs 10+.


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