holster update 1

For some this post will be TMI!

Stopped wearing a bra when I was 16, that’s nearly 48 years ago.  but have recently begun again so I can accommodate wearing a flash bang holster.  after much searching, that seemed to be by best option.  Not totally convenient when wearing a dress, and not with some style bras.  Definitely better to struggle with the discomfort of wearing a bra, though, than having my gun fall out of its holster everytime I bend over in the garden! 

Then I found a great thigh holster at www.shootingtulips.com.  Their XL is just barely within my size range.  It came today (I’m still waiting for my flash bang, its a special order).  The thigh band is comfortable, with my LCR.  the waist part of the garter is going to be stretched to hell and gone quickly, but its not uncomfortable, and won’t be hard to replace.  It is certainly more attractive than most thigh holsters being stretchy lace – not neoprene, elastic, Velcro and other stiff materials.  actually, most concealed thigh holsters look like the ones they sell for wearing OUTSIDE ones pants!

Now I have something to wear everyday, with my dresses, that will be a hell of a lot easier to get to than the flash bang would be, reaching down through the neckline!


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