My flashbang holster arrived today.  The Kydex is molded perfectly for my Ruger LCR and holds it securely.  Takes a mighty tug to get it out, and some effort to get it back.  of course, getting it out is the important part. 

the LCR is a pretty bulky gun for this purpose; a 380 will be flatter and possibly easier to conceal, but prefer the revolver with the shrouded hammer for many reasons.  If you are not familiar with the gun, see www.ruger.com/products/lcr/models.html

it took some fiddling to get the flash bang to sit properly.  am wearing a bra today similar to the fuscia one on this page http://ultimateconcealedcarry.com/holsters-for-women.html   the holster comes with three interchangeable straps, the shortest one attached.  had to shorten it again and mount it at an angle for it to sit properly and comfortably.  straight up and down as they show it, it kept slipping out as I bent over to do things.  when wearing a different bra, it will  have to be adjusted again.

For those women who have padded under their breasts for “push up”, the gun does it for you!  if you are filling your bra fully, you may want to go up a cup size to accommodate the holster.

The flash bang is basically a cross draw holster.  got a left hand draw, which required nearly a months wait, because (1) I’m more accurate with intuitive shooting with my left and (2) my right breast is substantially smaller than my left, so there’s room to spare.

The LCR does have a bulky, but short grip which is my only complaint about it.  So was pleased to see a reasonably priced Colt Cobra .38, 2″ barrel at my gun shop the other day.  Unfortunately, it had been refinished poorly, which made it reasonably priced!  The grips had also been replaced and were more accommodating to my big hand.  of course, as a gun that hasn’t been made for 30 years, find a holster for it will be even more difficult!  A generic may have to do.  There definitely will be no flash bang in its future, although ankle, thigh, pocket and waistband holsters are all available for it.

Over all, the Flashbang is surprisingly comfortable. Its limitation is the necessity of wearing some kind of top rather than dress.  But guess holsters for women to carry concealed will be like most other things; a variety of styles for every occasion.



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