holster work

this little holster is a generic leather holster.  That round circle you see to the lower right is a magnet.  there’s a leather flap with a matching circle of metal that holds the holster to the waistband.  This can be worn IWB or OWB.  The magnet and leather hold the gun, not a belt, so this holster works with elastic and drawstring waists.  problem was, it was generic!  and my LCR would just fall out if I was bending over, say while working in the garden.  after much debate and thought and fiddling, realized that if the holster were just a little tighter around the muzzle the gun stayed in place.  So punched some holes and sewed it in.  added the button for some decoration.  also re-fitted the holster to the gun using some “stiffy” and my vacuum sealer. the leather used for the holster itself was thin so punching the holes was easy enough.  even the “stiffy” didn’t cause it to hold tightly, but those few stitches made all the difference in the world



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