new piece

this is not a conceal carry gun( and I didn’t buy it from this source), at least not with any ease.  my .38 LCR works best for that.  but have found due to that revolvers’ small grip, and my big hand,  was not drawing it well from concealment.  had to jiggle it in my hand first.  did not want to go to a .357 magnum in a snub nose.  So decided to go with a bigger gun as my carry revolver. and revolver is my choice. So this is it, a Ruger GP141. it weighs 40oz unloaded so it will be bear to carry. Tomorrow the fire restrictions on the forest will be lifted and I can get out to try this one. it feels good, trigger pull is nice. its a large frame revolver, compared to my medium frame S&W. so why don’t I carry the model 19? 6″ barrel is why. this is a four inch. and the heavier frame means I can shoot magnum loads through it all day long if need be.

Also, after seeing a stupid joke video, saw that the person in the video took longest to aim with a .380 pistol – the video used a kel-tec, not much different than the LCP. but even in that small woman’s hand, neither a 9mm Glock or 1911 was impressive. Not until she pulled out a S&W 44 mag was it obvious she meant business. and that’s kind of what I started thinking. Should I ever need to defend myself, having something that was going to be an obvious show of force said more than something that was barely as big as my hand. and might just by its presence defuse a situation. and if not. something that was not just going to have stopping power, but accuracy, was required. Yes, with the right ammunition, it can be used for hunting!

If all else fails, with more than 3 lbs of loaded gun in my purse, that will itself be a weapon!


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