ordered this


Found one of these type of things at our local thrift and since I knew nothing about them, did not buy it. But then started thinking about having an “outdoor kitchen” for canning and other such stuff in the Arizona heat as well as something for when the SHTF time and began researching. This double door design seems to be the most efficient, though it doesn’t include biomass in its burnable materials, although I bet it could be adapted easily enough for it. We’ve got a lot of medium stuff from our fireplace insert gatherings – too big for kindling, not big enough to be of much use in the fireplace – perfect for this.

It could also be easily transported in the camper instead of trundling around propane. DH is still not getting that we might well see a time when things like propane will not be so easy to come by.

It is a heavy unit, not something to slap on your back for a bug out (have a mini rocket stove for that).

If nothing else, all this stuff will just help us ease through our old age when our income is down and prices of everything are just through the roof!


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