struggle continues

time, and much money spent on useless holsters, has at least eliminated and refined my choice and method, of carry. From a small 38 to a full sized 357 was one step . . after a bunch of 38 holsters that is. The problem had become the 38 was easy enough to conceal, but the size of my hands and the arthritis I’m developing made the grip too small for comfort. and if it wasn’t comfortable, I wouldn’t be accurate. so to the 357 WITH 4″ barrel. This is a full size revolver.
Of course, the revolver came about again because of the arthritis, difficult to rack a slide. and if things were particularly stiff on any given day, I might have to switch hands. With a revolver I don’t have to remember different fingers to use to release a safety and I don’t have to struggle with racking a slide.
So how to carry a full size revolver on a big woman’s body. After wasting money on waistband carry holsters discovered the belly band. and over time, that slipped up on its own and is now worn just under the breasts with the gun to the side for cross draw. Most of the belly bands I’ve found have been uncomfortable on skin so the technique as evolved to a skinny black T with a black band and a black gun and then a loose shirt over it. At least for summer. Winter is soooo much easier!
IMG_0380 (768x1024)
am knitting things like this for summer wear!
But by the end of the day, even the belly band is uncomfortable and so the search continued towards a shoulder holster design. Had an old leather one for another revolver and it was comfortable in some ways, but had its limitations because of its particular design.
Last night on Ebay found this:
have seen this holster with The Well Armed Woman, but it was 30% higher in price AND only in white!
then from the same source found this:
which unfortunately has a 30 day wait period! But looks pretty close to perfect. Should have the first one by Tuesday and will let you all know how it works out! am really looking forward to the second as it is close to what I was imagining as being a “perfect” design!


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