As I was unloading yesterdays groceries – my usual, every trip a few items for the stash, a few items for us to eat now – realized how thankful I am that I can actually go out and buy commercially canned goods and bottled water, plus the other items that are available for assisting us. I do not have to grow and can everything we need in life for NOW and to have something put away for just in case.

Am looking at (finally) rainwater harvesting. Of course we’ve missed this year’s monsoon which would have given us nearly 5000 gallons of water . . but that’s past. there will be more rain. Financially, we couldn’t move earlier in the year and we were also looking at buying the number of tanks we need. Now, we’re just going to buy them one at a time.

Waterbricks! What an amazing invention. So much better than having to store water in a wooden keg! of sheep stomach bladder.

Of course, all these things are contributing to the downfall of civilization as we know it. But I’ll use them anyway.


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