are you really prepared?

Like most people, I work Monday- Friday. Actually, since we work from home, I work pretty much seven days a week, and our staff come in Tuesday – Friday. This is both an advantage as well as a disadvantage. It is a plus in that since I am home, I can schedule my time as I choose and do not have to worry about my commute. So if there is work to be done in the garden, I can be out there with the phone and get the job done. On the down side is the tendency to keep on working until everything is taken care of, only to have the phone ring the next day and I’m still tied to my desk.
This weekend was a take it easy weekend. and looking at what I was, and am, doing, it brought to mind how much work we will have to do when the SHTF.
Saturday started with the usual dog walk, working in the garden (watering, picking beans, etc), cooking breakfast, and several hours at my desk. Made lunch (our main meal). Then sat down to do some knitting, finishing a pair of socks.
IMG_0400 (974x1024)
New remember, if we are in a true EOTWAWKI situation, there will be no going to the mall to buy clothes. Maybe you will live in an area where something will still be available, but maybe not. So making socks might be really important! Anyway, since neither of us had slept well the night before, we ended up taking a nap. This IS an easy weekend!! After nap finished off those socks. Made Ghee, and made an experimental GF peach cobbler. Worked on the batch of chili that was started on Friday. There were also dog walks, phone calls, and just some casual time on the computer too, before dinner. Late in the day began working out the gauge for my next knitting project, and got that started. Oh yeah, frenched the greenbeans and got them into the freezer.
Sunday was similar. garden work; water, picking tomatoes, beans, pulling up old zucchini plants and getting them into the composter, filling one of the water barrels from the water storage, dog walks, breakfast, knitting, laundry, seeding-roasting-skinning-freezing the tomatoes, lunch, watching a movie, having some popcorn, canning up that chili, knitting, and thinking that its almost time for supper and I’ve not done much!
If this were a real post disaster situation, I’d be doing the laundry by hand instead of sitting here typing this while the machine does the work. I’d have to be out gathering wood; for the immediate cooking and getting the winter wood put away. Doing the dishes would not be just dropping them into the dishwasher.
unfortunately, some of you will get real life practice at this stuff because of hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, or blizzard. But even then, its short term and you can move sideways to civilization. As I get older, I realize how little skills I have, how lacking in body conditioning I am, and much strength I DON’T have, and what would really be necessary each and every day to survive. And while we talk a good talk, or we really ready to walk the walk?


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