holster review SUCCESS!

First and foremost, understand that this is strictly from a woman’s viewpoint AND that I do not carry a concealable weapon! I carry a Ruger GP141; a 4″ barrel, 357 revolver. It is huge! and the weight and shape of revolvers is an entirely different issue than with pistols.
For women, I’d recommend above all else, a shoulder holster. Unfortunately, the best and most stable ones require anchoring both the holster and the opposite side to one’s belt or pants. I don’t wear pants, and belts, without pants, just tend to slide up under my armpits and don’t do anything for stabilizing the harness. But with a shoulder harness, a light jacket or sweater conceals the weapon beautifully.
So I’ve experimented with belly bands. And they also work, to a point! They also slide up, which isn’t really an issue, BUT the size of my gun means cross draw works better than strong side, especially when the grip is up in my armpit to start! So cross draw works, but the weight of the gun pulls the band around and it keeps slipping to my front. Back to the drawing board!
Enter the Lotus http://www.deepconceal.com/Lotus-Ladies-Concealed-Carry-Holster-p/lotus.htm
got mine in black

VERY comfortable, although had to alter the holster for my Ruger, it is secure, the weight is evenly distributed. it does not cut, does not bind. The manufacturer claims it is designed to be worn against the skin comfortably. It feels okay to me.
From the same company is the Deep Conceal shoulder holster http://www.deepconceal.com/shoulder-holster-s/1817.htm
again, required modification to the holster, but again, comfortable and secure with the weight well distributed.

As you can see, I’m not a skinny waif! and this hoslter holds the gun tighter, lower, and conceals even better than the Lotus, but would not be as comfortable against the skin. now, as I would wear it, with a black tank
as you see, it nearly disappears! and with a shirt over it
hardly any printing. For the summer, am knitting up loose shells that will add little weight, but just conceal
IMG_0380 (768x1024)
My one recommendation with these designs is they tell you to measure at your bra band. But if you are like me and EXPAND from there, go the next size up and tighten down. Otherwise you are at the bare minimum of the band’s holding power, and if you are puffy one day, you have no room to expand! PLUS, with the chest band, you can’t go with an open jacket or sweater as you could with a standard design shoulder holster, unless you are under it all.
As far as I’m concerned these holsters are AWESOME! If they can hold and conceal my monster of a gun, how much easier and more comfortable they would be for a 1911, or full size glock?!


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