Another FINALLY!

after hemming and hawing, we have made a move on starting our rain water harvesting. Of course, we’ve missed the record breaking rains of 2014, but late is better than never . . .
We had decided to go with the product made by a company called Poly-mart; their tanks are about the cheapest we’ve found, even with the freight costs, but as we looked at their size and getting them into places on the property, hooking them up, etc. we were hesitating. As much as collecting rain water is important, we wanted to keep the property looking up to community standards too! So we are trying one of the horizontal leg storage tanks.
this will be a much lower profile tank than their regular rain water harvesting tank of the same volume, if they had a 350 gallon rain water harvesting tank, here is their 250 gallon
With the small one we can study its construction, how it is to handle, and getting it hooked up for harvesting – like putting in an overflow outlet.
There are other less expensive versions of this horizontal leg tank on the market, but this one is designed for liquids heavier than water, so it should stand up to water storage quite well. Am not getting the stainless straps for this one, but if we go for anything over 500 gallons, we will add that to the order.
We do have 5000 square foot peaked roof. The long runs are so long that one gutter cannot handle the total rainfall from one slope, and are designed to run off both to the east and west. and then there is the space between gables, which is where this tank will go.


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