am I the only one?

Now, I realize that we all have slightly different ideas about what is going to happen at teotwawki. Some see a general decline in just about everything until we reach the tipping point that will result in the precipitous decline in everything – see my hand raised? Some see it will happen due to an EMP, an accident like Fukishima, volcanic erruptions, as well as Alien invasions, something like the movie Red Dawn, etc. Some of you are just preparing for more or less short term disasters like flood, blizzard, hurricane, tornado. Some are hoping it won’t happen in our life time and our stash will just help us get through our Golden years a little better – my hand is raised here too.

But, as I read books and magazines and see Prepper shows, it occurs to me that not only do we have different POV’s on what and how deep this is will be, but what life will truly be like on the other side.

Case in point, canned goods. Okay, I truly get CANNED goods vs home canned goods. But what are you going to do with that garbage on the other side? there isn’t going to be an garbage truck coming by on Monday! Where I live, this area had people living here from about the mid/late 60’s (the first house was mid 1950), and garbage collection didn’t begin until the 80’s. So back in the woods is our modern “midden heap”. Oh, there are a certain number of things that can be done with old cans, but our modern “tin” cans are not as good a quality as the old ones which could even be connected to make a chimney! I think modern cans would burn out from the heat!

The toilet paper issue. Yes, TP storage takes up a LOT of space, so instead “re-useable cloths”? Having grown up in the days of cloth diapers, yes there is an ick factor, but for right now, it makes a certain amount of sense. reduce waste in a general manner. Of course, washing them requires bleach and hot water and will not be good grey water for the garden; not now, and not post when the SHTF! Since I live in drought area, extra water useage that can’t be recycled also has to be balanced with compostable waste paper . . and post SHTF, are you going to want to use your limited supplies of drinking water for that purpose? within that scenario, paper plates have a certain place too – after using them for food they are fuel for the cooking fire!

and the plastic! bleach containers used to be glass, so to were vinegar and the water jugs. Now its all plastic. We won’t be able to recycle the plastic, & it won’t have much use post SHTF! at least glass bottles can be part of cob walls as decoration and light transmission! plastic will just have to go into that midden heap. And if you read history, you will know more than one civilization was destroyed by the size of its garbage pile!

And how much stuff are you buying and storing? Yes, we have certain technologies that will make living in a post disaster world much more comfortable than our forefathers had it! We will have solar power, we will have rocket stoves, we’ll have MRE’s, we’ll have laptops, DVD players and MP3 players – all of which we can keep going for entertainment and information storage. My vacuum sealer runs on 12V. LED lights that run on 12V or through a USB. Of course, I’ve also got stashed some oil lamps and the appropriate oil. We are definitely STUFF oriented folks and don’t think we can much manage without our STUFF.

Clothing . . do you have needle and thread in your stash? cloth? knitting yarn? knitting needles? how long will your sneakers last vs old fashioned leather shoes?

Yeah, I see a lot of fear mongering without the true understanding of what we will need in that future. without a mindest ready to deal with BASIC needs and issues, it will be a very tough life regardless of how much “stuff” we’ve got.

And that reminds me to go charge up my Goal Zero battery . . . .


One thought on “am I the only one?

  1. The whole concept of TEOTWAWKI is one of fancy.
    Take a megger, huge, total type disaster.
    Preppers and survivalists all talk of nothing being left.
    Why question after that is “REALLY?”
    Will everything just disappear “poof” into a cloud of smoke.
    Anything that powerful to do that sort of damage, and I’m pretty certain I’ll be stood before my maker not particularly bothered ever again.
    Anything less than that and I’m going to be operating on the principle of “Who’s is that?” no answer, must be mine.
    Long after the much vaulted ‘Big die off’, there will still be ‘stuff’ laying round because less people use less commodities. OK life will be harder with Tesco’s aka Walmart not there BUT things will still be available.
    Thus I’m at ease with my prepping, stockpiling, or whatever.

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