how do we reach people

The few who follow me here, like me, are preparing. Preparing for some future that is unstable and unsure. Some of the changes that are to come can be alleviated, and maybe even diverted, if people were paying attention. and how do we convince people that these are changes are coming unless each and every one of us acts? How do we shake up the politicians? How do we shake up the person who is so comfortable there thoughts are of little else beyond that! Know so many who have basically turned over everything in life to “THEM”. They who will take care of it. They who will do something about it. They who are elected officials and somehow this gives them some knowledge and power that will keep everything A-OK! and as long as it is not in their backyard, and they remain comfortable, its all good.

realize that there are a lot of folks out there who feel the world their children and grandchildren inherit is that generations problem. What happened to the “7 generations” idea that was supposed to govern our actions? and being of the generation that came into power in the 60’s, I know that many of my peers have tuned out, and dropped out, of the idea of social change! as far as they are concerned, Earth Day has done its job!

What started this tirade? This article At one time I’d have shared this on Facebook, but more and more of my ‘friends’ only want to see pictures of cute animals and flowers. Do not want to engage in a discussion of this type. This is downer stuff and if we only do goodness and light everything will be okay!

Yes, I’m preparing. But I’d much rather see my preparations be for naught! I’d much rather be teaching my children and grandchildren different skills, and that survival skills are for fun, and camping, and are basic techniques on which we can build knowledge and develop other skills. Not that our very existence depends on them!

Of course, to change this course, we not only have to vote differently, we have to live differently. We have to give up STUFF. We have to give up our garbage. We have to support each other, not isolate ourselves in our homes with our computers being the only way we engage one another.

Oh yes, I love the world of internet shopping. Where I can sit here and research what fruit trees will augment our garden best. ( Since I live in a community where there are already apricots, plums, pears, peaches and several variety of apples, I’ve chosen blueberries, fig and pomegranate.)

I can research and purchase rain water harvesting tanks and equipment.

I can buy a rocket stove, a canner, a slow cooker, a vacuum sealer, a solar powered battery module, all without leaving my home.

I can buy yarn, a sewing machine.

All of which are not negative impacts on my local merchants as there are no local merchants for this stuff other than walmart!

At the same time, I’ve narrowed down our garbage so much that when my last fat can was full, I was looking for where and how I could find another as we use so little commercially canned food here! Rather than additional garbage cans, I needed another composter (closed systems work best here in the dry SW) as I’m overwhelming the two I have.

None of this is hard. and in doing all I’ve been doing I’m saving $$$! But it is work. and my “friends” would rather be sailing, or attending brunch, or the movies, or going on vacation to Europe. Or the zillion other things I’ve heard, including “there is nothing I can do about these things, so I don’t pay attention to the news”.

I’m glad I’m an oldster now. another 20 years, maybe 30. But what of the children? who don’t even know how to boil a pot of water! much less where it came from and how to get it when it stops running from the taps.

sigh. Guess it is too depressing to think about.


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