and so it goes

we keep teetering closer to the edge, then back up a bit.  Guess its a little like the atomic clock. Have been watching mankind do this for 50 some odd years.  If I’m lucky, it will continue for another 25 or 30 and I’ll be done and its someone else’s worry.

Meanwhile, watching the Chinese currency devalue, and a new oil crisis (too much oil out there, prices dropping, companies cutting back, people laying off, more unemployment until the pendulum swings the other way again), along with mindless BS from presidential candidates, combined with western states drought, epa dumping toxic water into the water that will supply southern California drinking and irrigation needs, and the increasingly wild swings in weather patterns, it feels like we’re teetering close to the edge again.

and this was not a good garden year produce wise.  fortunately, we’re monetarily solvent so stocking up with local organic produce from the farmer’s market.

We did add some 2000 gallons of water storage, of course, its been a wet year so its really cut down on our city water useage.  drier years it won’t make as big a difference, but right now, its good.  and just had my first fig from the new tree.

this year did a REALLY stupid move and lost my 9mm.  It was a Ruger P95 which was not just an inexpensive gun, but a nice shooter as well as being rugged and reliable.  The why’s and how’s still leave me confused and I’ve decided this is karmic payback for a REALLY REALLY stupid move I did last year, which involved a lie.  It wasn’t an earthshaking lie, but it was one of those little things that rippled and rippled and once I was backed into the corner and too proud to admit to, I was stuck with it.  Obviously it is still on my mind and I guess the universes too cause that sweet pistol is GONE!

This happened after I treated myself to the Mossberg pistol grip shot gun back in March.  I’ve had my eye on one of those for awhile and with DH out of town, no one to talk me out of it.  Not that we don’t have other 12 gauges around, including one other Mossberg pump.  The pistol grip was for the camper.  Sawed off is illegal, and besides the longer barrel is more accurate, but with the stock gone, the over all size is down. and it shoots very nice.

Then I lost my pistol, which left me with just my 4″ .357 as a carry gun.  Not actually a concealable.  In the winter, with jeans, it was okay OWB, but with summer – or nicer clothes – it just is not easy to carry.  So this weekend we went to a bigger gun show than our local and looked for a replacement P95. While I know they are available used, I’m a little leery about getting my everyday carry used.  So since I’m switching guns, decided what the hey and went for the Ruger SR1911, and this is the Talo version with the really nice picatinny rail.  Its a good weight ( a few ounces less than the .357) and a nice size. The grip fits my hand well with the trigger at a perfect distance for my arthritic finger.  Yes, I did look at the SR9, but the fat grip was not comfortable and it put the trigger at a reach.  Of course, the SR9 is a 17 shot magazine, vs the 8 on this 1911. Even loaded, the weight is not out of hand, and the slimmer shape makes it easier to conceal even if it does have a 5″ barrel.

Still have trouble racking the slide, which is why I’d gone to the revolver, but I’m developing a technique.

What is interesting, is it does fit -sort of – the IWB holster I’d made for the 9mm.  He doesn’t like the way the kydex wears on the finish, and the leather backing isn’t quite the right size, so I’m cutting a new leather piece and going to line the kydex with deerskin so it doesn’t rub the finish so much.  If necessary, I can make a retention piece.

This did dip into my $$ stash, but it is all about compromise and at least I won’t have to buy a new holster (s).  The 1911 works better with the belly band than the 357 also so I can wear it with skirts.

anyway, its record breaking heat and making me feel like a nap, which I think I’ll get.


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