staying in shape

Am surprised that none of the “prepper” forums or magazines talk much about this.  Maybe they’re all young folks.  I’m not so much anymore and this morning just had a quick wake up on how quickly it all goes to hell!

Last year’s mild winter meant we didn’t need to get in any more wood, but the three or fire fires we had going used up our stock of small stuff.  There is always more to do than there is time and energy, so with the first winter storm coming in and possibly our first killing frost, it really really needed to be done.  So last night and this morning ran out to pick up some small branches that had been cut off the trees we harvested a couple of years ago.  All of 100 yards, uneven ground.  2″ +/- in diameter, 6-8 feet long.  This morning picked up two loads of branches, maybe 5 at a time, and one of small kindling pieces.  And I was exhausted.  my muscles in both arms and legs and were shaking!

With the dog gone, no more long walks and hikes, and how quickly we get out of shape once we’re over 60!  We’ve got enough wood to get through this storm, and maybe the next, but harvesting some logs is coming soon, and I’ve got to be ready to cope!


One thought on “staying in shape

  1. Pacing myself is how I cope.
    Towards the end of the year, the preparation carried out gently all year means I don’t have to struggle although ordering winter fuel and cutting logs in June may be seen as a bit premature.

    As for keeping fit? That’s a relative call.
    I can’t run, push ups are a hoot, digging my last garden took weeks (although it was a half acre dug by hand).

    Except all that exercise pales into insignificance as we own a dog.
    10 years old and nobody has told it to grow up! So, it hasn’t.
    Thus 3 walks a day, rain, sleet or snow, about a mile each way with me on sticks.
    Others stumbling past me coughing and sneezing but with all the fresh air (and diesel fumes) I’m breathing, only the most severe of bugs gets to me.

    Come whatever I won’t be super fit, nor able to tout 50 lb backpacks (I’ve got a trolley for that) for 100’s of miles (The furthest I need to or even want to walk is about 2 miles in one go) except I’m content. Like the old steam railways, they got there in the end and so will I.

    After all it’s no good getting old if you don’t use the wisdom gathered over the years.

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