thrift bargains

know I’m always talking about the thrift shops.  Quick trip out today, and always make the rounds of my thrifts cause you never know what you’ll find – like a large glass canister of mixed beans for $3.

As it happens I have BIG feet – guess I’m earning that nickname from my childhood – steamshovel shoes.  Wear between a woman’s 11 and 12, and believe me those sizes are hard to find.  In men’s shoes, that’s about 9.5 -10.  easier, but not always feminine.  So when I see shoes I like, I buy them, not when I need them.

IMG_0712 (1024x624)

from left to right: men’s size 10 waterproof boots, made in China (bummer) $20, slippers, made in Mexico, size 43 $4, sandals size 42, $8.  can almost always go a little smaller in sandals as I can let my toes hang over if necessary.  The woman at the check out was very sorry she didn’t have bigger feet as she LOVED the boots.


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