What do you read?  I’m sure you have reference BOOKS for when the SHTF. Books that will help you with skills you might need.  Books you have gone through, if not read, to be sure that you have appropriate tools on hand.

But what else do you read? fiction? history? biography? What magazines? Guns and Ammo? Backwoods Home? Mother Earth News? Recoil? Organic Gardening? Home and Garden? Vogue?

Have recently discovered American Survival Guide.  Understand there was, once upon a time, another magazine of the same title.  This is not the same magazine.  Have seen this magazine slammed by critics, and have seen others rave about it.  I’m somewhere in between.

I like that it reviews what’s new on the market in technological tools.  Thinking of Night Vision of some sort? do you want IR? or do you want just low light?  Prices are coming down, and these people will keep reviewing so you can eventually make an informed decision.  Found some recipes for trail mix and a quick and easy jerky. How to make Candle Wicks.  Info on communications, as well as the usual on armament, lighting, etc.

But how it is most useful to me is it helps keep my awareness up.  Its so easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle, that my home preps sometimes get forgotten.  Each time I read a (decent) apocalyptic novel or read a magazine like this, I remember my preps.  Maybe I’ll can some more Chicken.  Or make up a crock pot full of some meal and dry it into portions. I may just add some extra TP or canned goods onto the shopping list. Or start researching walkie talkies.

and that enthusiasm may wane in a week as the demands of the shop or something else takes my attention. But at least I’ve done one more thing.  and three weeks later another issue will come in and I’ll do a little bit more.

Will never get it all done, but always a little bit more and a little bit more.


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