know your equipment

Have been working with my new Goal Zero Yeti 400.  The designation means the battery holds a 400W charge, how much you draw on that will depend on how long it lasts.  The gauge is in 20% increments and it is recommended to never drain the battery, best not to go below 20%.

This morning, from a fully charged battery, ran an electric pump rated at 150w.  Start up drew close to 200W, then settled down to +/- 150.  After 34 minutes, charge was down to 60%.  Took about 2 hours on a 100w solar panel in full sun to charge the battery.  The panel was not directly aligned with the sun, but the angle was not seriously off.

Also used a 10W solar panel to charge my cell phone.  Would have been much quicker off the GZ while on the panel without seriously effecting the charging time.  think it was over 4 hours to charge the phone!

Now is the time to know how well these devices work!


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