more dehydration

as it happens I’m Gluten Intolerant and have been working on eliminating gluten from my diet since 2009.  Its especially difficult when we travel, as almost all fiber sources you find on the road has wheat.  This is a take off from an absolutely horrid gluten free mixed grain hot granola I had at the LAX Hilton.   Of coarse, if you are not GF, it can be made anyway, as it turns out to be a nice “instant” hot breakfast mix.   Starting with 1C of steel cut oats, plus 1/4C each millet, amaranth, buckwheat (groats) and sorghum, cooked in 8C of water with sugar and salt “to taste”.  Then spread out on drier sheets (or plastic wrap) and dried.

Since I’d spread it too thick, it took a long time to dry, requiring me to turn it and break it up.

Original intention was to break it down to small particles for rehydrating, but when tasting it, realized it can be left in chunks for snacking or use as a cold cereal also.

IMG_0831 (1024x768) Total weight was 345grams, divide by 8 (8C water equals 8 servings) is a hair over 43g/serving.  The crumbled version yielded 1/2C servings and obviously takes up less room.  The chunky version is 4/5C per serving.

IMG_0834 (1024x768) rehydrated serving and eaten with strawberries this morning.

Fruit can be added when cooking, as can other grains or honey or dried milk.  Chopped up dried fruit can also be added after.  Can be packaged in bulk, or in serving size portions.  Will likely be mixing up some with fruit and yogurt and maybe even nuts to be vacuum sealed and put into my Go Bag in the car.  This is an all around nutritious meal, that can be made more calorie dense easily.


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