being in shape

just came back from vacation.  One that served to prove how dreadfully unprepared my body is!

Now understand, I’m in my mid 60’s, work from home, live in what counts as a suburban environment, but its a small city in a rural area in that the entire city is surrounded by state and federal lands.  While I’ll never have to make it home from  work during an emergency, and will make every attempt to “bug in” if SHTF, there are many variables in life.  Such as, what and how would we have dealt if something had happened while we were 1000 miles from home?

But to the immediate, this was a trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, with altitudes ranging from 6000 feet and up.  we hiked some, toured some, and even walked miles on wooden boardwalks around pools and hot springs.  and I carried a back pack.  Not a 28lb pack, but a decent first aid kit, some space blankets, parachute cord, fire starter, water filter, good knife, bear spray, weapon, extra jacket, some water.


So for a 5 mile hike in the Tetons, scrapped the weapon and its extra weight, but kept the rest.


Yes, it was altitude, still, I should be in some kind of condition to handle this without being on the verge of collapse!

At least I had good hiking boots.  Have discovered that the arthritis in my feet mandates that I always wear good sturdy supportive shoes, so no matter what happens, it is likely I’ll be wearing the right footwear!


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