more on being fat and out of shape

As an older, out of shape, arthritic woman am finding carry options even more limited than my thinner sisters.  Being a woman in and of itself makes certain carry options difficult. Example, reaching around a good sized bust to get to a shoulder holster.  Add to that, I like a full size gun, not a “concealable” 380, or compact 9mm.  For my arthritic BIG hands, the smaller guns actually hurt when trying to control the recall, while the weight of a full size weapon counters some of that recoil along with giving me the option of using my fingers fully.

Then there is trying to conceal that full size weapon on my waist while wearing something other than a tent dress!

Winter is not so bad. just like everyone else the clothes are heavier, the coat or heavy sweater covers more. But summer in the desert is another story!  Right now we’re working on a string of 100F plus days.  So I’m off body carrying which is not as secure as I’d like it to be, and means I’m disarmed while working on the property.  And that leads to the next whine, carry purses are pretty ugly and/or limiting!  The one I’m using is a nice leather purse with good strap and plenty of room and while not officially a carry purse, it gives me a secure compartment that fits either my 1911 or my 4″ .357 revolver.  Unfortunately, the purse ends up being way off balance with the gun where it is and it becomes clumsy.  So am about to try yet another official carry purse, this one by Roma and is more of a tote than a purse.  Unlike most, this one claims to have a large enough compartment for a full size weapon.

Still, I’ve finally accepted the truth.  If I want to carry on body, in the summer, I need to get rid of some of the fat rolls, belly jiggles and dimple thighs.  Summer is for light weight skirts and breezy tops so it will be belly bands or thigh holsters.  It doesn’t matter that I’m 3/4 of the way through my 60’s, it is no longer about vanity.  This is far more important.

But where do you find the support group for women who want to get fit so they can shoot?!


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