carrying for women

STILL looking for that comfortable way to carry.  As I’ve worked my way up from a Ruger .38LCR to my Ruger 1911 and/or GP141, its become more difficult.

Have found a nice carry purse that works for me.

It has a nice size open pocket for holding many things, which I augmented with a fancy large make up bag to hold all those small things like nail file, chapstick, eye drops, pen, tape measure, etc.  The holster area accommodates either my 4″ revolver or my 5″ 1911. Using the usual Velcro held holster, which is relatively small, it takes either of the above without any printing, and comes with locking zippers. The bag comes brown with black, or black with brown.

but ultimately, want to be able to on body carry.  Summer in AZ with 100+ temps!!  Want to wear skirts or loose light weight pants rather than jeans.  None of the first two allow waistband carry of a full size heavy gun, and jeans with a tight belt are just not comfortable.  So that leads to a belly band, or a CanCan hip belt.

Then, with any on body carry, the grip is against the skin, so that was another dilemma which has been solved with the discovery of camisoles with underwires.  Some of these are touted to be like SPANX, but are cheap and have very little trimming effect BUT that snugness (NOT tightness) helps these camisoles act as bras without the binding of bands and wider shoulder bands.  There are also lacy concoctions with underwires that support and are pretty too. they all can replace bras, and are long on the torso keeping the grip off bare skin.

The Belly bands sit a little high on me, but with my stomach size, its either going to sit high (maybe an under arm cross draw may work better than on the hip), OR it has to set really low on the hips so it doesn’t just roll back up to where it is now.  Also, being heavy, the closest fit is wearing it between 4 and 5 o’clock on the body.  And I’m loathe to wear it like that in the car and have the metal pressing into the leather seats on his new car! which means the cross draw might work better again.  I’m not ready to invest in the CanCan yet.  Am using cheaper belly bands in a variety of configurations until I’ve got the method and manner down.

So right now, its the band in and around the house and back to the purse when out and about shopping and running errands.


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