more on fat lady holsters

Feeling kind of foolish, for all the struggling I’ve done, with different holsters, spending beaucoup $$$, making adjustments, shifting things around, struggling with wearing jeans (hate jeans, especially in the summer), when a belly band does the job.  Yes, they will stretch out eventually and have to be replaced more often than a good leather holster and belt, but comfort is what allows you to carry day after day.  Although, definitely recommend a good quality belly band, and a wide one if you are going to go with a full size gun!  Have done two decent hikes in the heat, with mild humidity) wearing the belly band and it was just fine, no discomfort what so ever.  That was with hiking up hill and down, climbing over rocks.  Just under 3 miles this morning. maybe after 5+ I might say something different, but don’t think so.  And with the belly band am not worrying about the gun dropping when satisfying that need to pee – whether in the woods or in a store!

Today got out the CanCan thigh holster and garter I bought awhile back, and also the 1911 to try out with both that thigh holster and the belly band

IMG_0899 Tucked that thigh holster up as far as it would go, without the garter. Hardly see the print, but this won’t work with a pencil skirt!:)

IMG_0900wanted to try it out today while I was home, gardening, working, so if it fell, it was on the carpet. Yes, its set up for a cross draw.  Tried it on the right leg, but the printing was worse, so never mind that.  If I need it, won’t be worried about modesty.  And this is only for those times when I’d be wearing a dress and couldn’t use the belly band.  Someone needs to make up a real pretty belly band that we could wear like a belt over a dress with just a jacket or sweater to conceal.

IMG_0901 strangely, the 1911 seemed to print more.  And was as bad as the revolver on the right leg.  Am using the garter attachment too as the thigh holster is only designed for 16oz, and with either the 1911 or the revolver am well over that. Better to be safe.

IMG_0902 As you can maybe see, the semi-auto sits low in the elastic and is actually harder to draw than the revolver.  Also, the safety digs in uncomfortably.

IMG_0903 Think the 1911 is also a little more obvious when worn in the belly band and is nearly impossible to grab and draw! Because of the safety, its a must to have something between the gun and the skin.  The revolver is more rounded and more comfortable.  To protect the metal, its better to wear something underneath, but if it rides up, you won’t be as uncomfortable.

Its true the revolver only holds 6 shots, but most 1911’s are just 7 – though this Ruger is 8. So its not much different and the .357 is, in my opinion, almost as good as the .45 for power.

Found my laser sighter today, so want to sight in the revolver.  Couldn’t find a laser target “bullet” for the .357 to practice aim, but figure the .45 will be a good substitute for weight and trigger pull practice.


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