While many of my posts are on prepping without spending a lot, spending some has to be done.

Some things I’ve purchased, like my Goal Zero Yeti 400, could have been done cheaper – or even not at all!  But it is something I use regularly and can continue to do so if SHTF for a few days or a few years. ($500!).  Thought I did okay with the 100W solar panel and seeing the current prices, wish I’d bought a couple ($125)

Have just invested in some Tattler lids for canning.  Recycling is always great instead of throwing away AND there might be a time down the line where there will be no way of running out and buying new canning lids.  So its time to learn how to use them. ($20)

Also just purchased a Kelly Kettle – full camping kit.  Figure this will go into the bus (if it ever gets back on the road) for regular camping.  It will be an emergency back up if we get stuck away from home, or if push comes to shove and we do have to bug out for some reason.   ($150)  And if the bus never gets put back together, we’ll tow it with the 4×4 and have a camper!

Bug out is not in our long range plans, but fires happen and we do live in that kind of area. (put together a bug out bag, $$$$ )

There is also a box out in the courtyard right now with 8 x 5 gallon water storage containers.  Drinking water is something I’ve been a bit lax on and wanted to address that. ($190)

Strangely, my darling partner in life has not seen the importance of preparing for a long time and has just humored me with my gardens (although he does like the fresh food!), canning, and stashing.

Suddenly, this election cycle has him paying a bit more attention and he’s become a more active supporter.  He was particularly pleased to find out that water filters have been high on my priority list.

He’s even getting into my desire to have an electric tricycle ($2000 – $3500) for being able to get around and move things quietly, although he can’t really get his head around the idea that there might be a time when the car isn’t an option!

And then there’s the food!!  How much have I spent on canned goods, dried goods, and even meat and chicken that’s been canned?  yes, it will get recycled into our daily eating pattern, but there’s always that “bank”.

Will we need it in our life time?  sure hope not, but our kids can inherit it all if necessary because the likelihood is, they will need it in theirs!


The things you don’t always think about, like sewing supplies, leather, fabric, yarn, books (how to and entertainment).  Sure, we might never need it, but that’s why its called preparedness.  We might never be without our services for more than a few hours, a day or two at most.  Then again, depending on who is our next president, we might find ourselves hunkering down for the duration our lives in another decade!

Just never thought I’d still be thinking about all this at this age. Thought we would have come to our senses 40 years ago.




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