still at it

Have finally accepted that I’ll never be able to go through my life with one all purpose holster, because, unlike men, will never go through life wearing just variations of pants and shirts.

So have moved to narrowing my choices to one draw position for all different carry choices.

CanCan concealment holster: this is a belly band but sitting further down on the hips. Much better for woman’s carry.  Cross draw position has worked best for coping with the various bodily parts that are in the way, like belly and boobs.  Only complaint is, if I bend way over, despite what their product description says, my full size gun falls out. This holster works with elastic waist, yoga pants, skirts, etc. The can comes in different widths (I’ve got the full size 6″, but they have narrower). with its fancy stitching, depending on what you are carrying, you might get away with wearing this OVER your clothing like a fancy belt and adding a jacket, sweater, or vest.

OWB holster: for when wearing jeans, or jean like pants.  Sturdy belt, cross draw position.  This works even with high waisted mom jeans. Just requires a long cover up of some sort (why I took up knitting)

Carry purse: Since I carry on my left side, even when on body carrying, this helps obscure any printing from the butt of the gun.  BUT when I have to use the purse to carry because of wearing a dress, this puts the gun in pretty much the same position of cross draw.

So that’s what I’ve come to FINALLY.  hate to think of how much I’ve spent on holsters and miscellaneous as I tried different guns and different methods of carry to get here.


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