gluten free meal

Among my preps this week cooked up a lot of gluten free grains: oatmeal, buckwheat, amaranth and polenta in water with salt.  The cooked up some apples with the last of the rhubarb and some sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger (apple rhubarb pie filling?!)  and mixed all together.  Chopped up some almonds and added that to the mix,  then scooped out 1/2C lots onto dryer sheets.

img_0923 next batch added some craisins, last batch had craisins and chocolate chips (which melted).  Then all were dried.

Was hoping to get something like a chewy bar but they have come out as thick crackers, although they could be eaten as is.  Easy enough to add them to a 1/2C of water and rehydrate for a meal.

img_0926 vacuum sealed them, three per.  Tried to do them individually, but that didn’t work out.  One bag didn’t seal completely, so that one is left out to see how long they will keep as is.  Guess I could have left this moister, and kept them sealed (next batch), vs this super dry which will probably keep without the sealing.


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