dehydrated rations

Have been experimenting with dehydrating foods.  Some things are easy, like refried beans.  And we eat those often enough that I can keep several pints worth in a plastic bag like the one in the picture.  But this is Turkey vegetable rice soup – 6 quarts worth.  560 grams.  While I prefer whole foods to dehydrated (do we store 100 gallons of water and dehydrated food or 50 gallons of water and whole food?), there are times like camping or a bug out bag, or in the car, that some dehydrated meals are good.  Even if its just for that one or two times you are on the road and can’t find a decent restaurant.  Or if you have special dietary needs.

Will weigh this out into 6 portions and measure it by volume to determine how much water will be needed to make that quart of soup and then vacuum pack it accordingly.



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