Did a batch of turkey, rice and vegetable soup.  Using these cool trays, dried the soup.

img_0918  did have to keep the soup stirred as it was drying as the top part would dry while the bottom wasn’t as quickly.  Can also transfer to sheets once its not so liquidy.

img_0934 six quarts of soup in a one gallon bag.  Weighed this out (10g tare for the bag) and divided by six. then measured out how much that was

img_0937 each measure went into a plastic sandwich bag, labeled with contents and instructions, then sealed in a vacuum sealer which protects the labels as well as the contents. Ready for storage, the back pack, the go bag.

img_0938 did the same with some refried beans, but instead of smaller packages, just put it in jars with instructions as to how much equals a serving.  We use refrieds often, so just ladled some out of the cook pot with our breakfast the first day. each ladle became one side serving.  After the top of the trays had dried, flipped the rest out onto sheets and when fully dry into the jars with instructions. counted how many ladles went onto the trays.  Weighed it all out, divided by the number of servings, and measured that weight by volume. In this case, 1/2C.

img_0935 Drying Chili.  Each sheet is one quart which is enough for two to three people depending on whether they are 60 or 20, and what else is being served with it.   Will just jar this as I did the refries. Our grand nephew is coming for a couple of months so expect this will go quickly.  In the future, will likely package some up as I did the soup.


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