still working on those carry options

trying different style and types of belly bands, some worn low around the hips, some worn more around the waist.  The hip option gives a better draw, but found it was actually hurting my hip on the gun side, think it was hindering the free motion of the joint

Wearing it higher brought the grips into my bust line – but at the same time, that helped conceal the gun a little better!  Remember, I’m going full size here.  Now that the miserable arthritis flare that made my hands weak all summer has passed, am back to carrying my 1911.  The grip is a different shape than the .357 revolver and more discreet.

Velcro closure is OUT, but that means careful measurement and decision of exactly where to carry to order the right size with hook and eye.  and no matter where you are wearing it, it has to be TIGHT to grip the gun which can get uncomfortable around the gut, whether high or low.


a suggestion was made about making the elastic band holster more secure without having to CRANK it down really tight; use a sticky (type) holster.  This creates some difficulties depending on how wide the holster is and what kind of built in holster situation exists; most have options that will allow this SOMEWHERE.  and if the elastic is more narrow than your gun is long, it helps cover the barrel end too.


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