eye in the sky

As it happened a friend dropped (literally) by the other day for lunch.  When he left town, in his helicopter, he buzzed our house and took some shots.  This was with his phone, nothing fancy.

As they were only from one angle, it was limited view.  BUT it was interesting to note what could be seen and what could not.  Such as, all the north facing roof still had snow, but the south, east and west facing did not; ie, we have good insulation up there.  How obvious it is that I am “summerizing” my greenhouse – that is using fabric to give a layer of dead air insulation and shield tender seedlings and later plantings from the heavy duty sun and minimize temp fluctuations, as well as keep it a bit cooler in the summer.

In this day and age of satellites and spy drones, one might want to get some aerial drone shots to see what can be seen and what can’t!


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