The current political situation is causing a great deal of disharmony, no matter which “side” you might be on.

Don’t think any of us who are preparing, prepping, could ever agree on what would happen and how it would happen, much less when it would happen, so we prepared for as many possibilities as possible.  Personally, my thoughts were that a temporary event was more likely than a permanent event.

For some reason, the feeling is that what ever is going to happen will be ‘soon’, like less than 10 years, and this is an agreed upon feeling.

That the playing on the emotions of the times, the continuous PUSH to keep the divide going, plus the masked protestors showing up to commit property damage are being funded by someone.   Hence, conspiracy?

Who and Why? Now that is the question.  Is this China? Russia? some super rich individual who is making a play for power.  Is it democrat or republican.  Well, that is a question that won’t get answered until whom ever makes their ultimate play.

No matter who it is, this is chaos. This is revolution.  and revolutions can take years, and be a disruption to the economic and social stability.

In other words, what we have been prepping for.


14 thoughts on “conspiracy?

  1. Er, you realize that protesters aren’t ACTUALLY being paid, right? And the whole thing is a HUGE fabrication ALA Bowling Green Massacre and Pizzagate and other nonsensical things? :/ I know people who are anarchists and participate in black bloc protests. They’re not being paid, they’re just pissed off. Our country equates your wealth with how much your life is worth. People die from not having enough money for lots of reasons every day, and nobody ever helps them. Also, property damage costs the government money. People in prison costs people money. It costs insurance companies and states and companies and hospitals money. It becomes unsustainable. How do you think societal changes happen? I mean, one example, women’s sufferage. The right to vote. It’s not like the people who were in charge heard the complaints were like “Oh my goodness! Women are intelligent people who should get a vote? What horrible people we’ve been being! Of COURSE you can have the right to vote!”. No, they locked them in jails, they tortured them, they did everything they could to make it stop for 50 years, there were even women-against-womens-suffrage organizations, but they ended up failing because with the advent of World War I it became too expensive to try to keep so many women under government care and enforce police action against them.


    Hate snopes and ploitifact and anything from the internet or media when it says you’re wrong? Fine! My mom woulda told you to turn off the idiot box and use your own brain instead, because it’s much smarter than anything that comes out of the media/society. Have you ever tried to reach out into the community of black bloc protesters and see what motivates them? Have you ever seen it with your own two eyes? Have you ever looked into it PERSONALLY and tried to step into it and get involved? Have you ever tried to get paid to protest? Have you ever spent extensive time with these people?
    The real reason people are rioting right now is we have a recent history of non-aggresive protesting not doing jack.,_2003,_anti-war_protests
    As evidenced by above, the largest protest in human history that did… What exactly? And the second largest protest? The womens march that just happened. Right before they gutted the ACA, signed a bill refusing to fund women’s healthcare, and are now trying to ennact a new healthcare bill that makes all womens healthcare “extra” coverage with exorbitant fees, and are trying to defund planned parenthood. Not to mention that “Grab ’em by the pussy” and “funerals for lifesaving & medically necessary abortions” are still in office with their “Repeal the 19th” supporters still behind him. Peaceful protests aren’t working. So yes, people are pissed off and they’re jaded. And they want to hit people where it really hurts – their wallets. By breaking things and costing states money and forcing them to raise taxes to fund their mass arrests. Also, please note that property damage is not violence. Property damage is not aggression towards human lives. Unless you also agree that someone’s life is equal in value to the amount of money they have, in which case it’s pretty obvious reasons for protesting violently, don’t they?

    I’ve spoken to many protesters and none of them were paid. I’ve been to protests. I never got paid. Most of the protesters I know have really great jobs. Teachers and scientists and managers. People who work for huge organizations and some who make six figures. $15/hr would be a pay cut to them. Most protesters actually LOOSE money going to protests because they have to travel or take a day off of work or else they would be bigger! I know lots of people who do not get out to protests because they have to work and usually for every person at a protest there are 2-3 more who can’t even consider going because they can’t afford it. The paid protesters argument is a strawman. It’s a joke. It’s an internet meme. I hope you’re not genuinely part of that punchline, because that just means you’re pretty far divested from reality.

    Even MLK said that riots were the language of the unheard, that people whose needs are not being met seek ways to act out and express that effectively and that includes through aggression. Unless HE was being paid by George Soros too!?!?!

    Come on. You don’t have to belong in a looney bin to be prepared for societal or ecological disasters. Just aware of the fact that small and large scale disasters happen around to world every day. It’s really a shame when people are. It makes people think that being reasonably prepared for unforeseen disasters is as big of a joke as, well, paid protesting.

    • and good morning to you too. And I have been to protests, admittedly, not since about 1968. Yes, I’m a little bit older ( helped my grandmother in her Victory Garden), and I have been around the block a few times. and there is a reason why there was a question mark next to the title . . . .

      • Well, then I suppose there shouldn’t have been, since the answer to anyone who looks at the situation critically is “Yes that’s a dumb conspiracy theory. Duh.”

  2. actually, have been thinking about your comments, particularly your comments about the recent spate of protests, most specifically this statement “So yes, people are pissed off and they’re jaded. And they want to hit people where it really hurts – their wallets. By breaking things and costing states money and forcing them to raise taxes to fund their mass arrests”. So tell me, who and what and why are they protesting? Because you do realize that there are 65million people who are pissed off and jaded, and felt no one has been listening to them for the last 24 years! And their protest was to elect the one man who they felt FINALLY heard them, Donald Trump. and what these protests are telling them is that all these people STILL aren’t listening, or if they are, really don’t give a damn about them, their needs, or their problems. And that poses a really big long term problem if neither side is willing to listen, to find common ground, to find a way to compromise and work together. and that’s where MY fears lie.

    • Really? See, that compromise thing is getting pretty hard to reach and there’s a few simple reasons why. The first being, frankly, I’m not sure if you’re asking because you want to learn about it, or because you want to be condescending about it. I can explain to you why, but I wonder, are you genuinely interested in learning about the problems that the people who are protesting are having?

      Basically, do you want to hear what the problems the people who are protesting are having so you can be compassionate and help to fix them? Or so you can try to debate/dispute them? Because frankly, I’m sick of being told that all of the problems that we are protesting are just myths and lies and made up and fake news, or just some secret plot (like you claim the protests themselves are). They are real and painful and they cost lives every day.

      There’s SO much I could say about it, I could write dozens of essays, I could explain to you every single demand that people have and why it’s important and why it won’t hurt you to fix it. And after far longer than 27 years of being told to “compromise” with conservative nutjobs, this movement is done with moving a mile so that they will move an inch. We’re happy to try to fix republican problems that don’t violate human rights, if they stop trying to cause more human rights problems for us.

      Because every single thing that people are protesting for (and there’s many reasons) is about having a fair and equal society. If you already think it’s fair and equal, or worse, you’re one of the 80% of while, male, trump voters who think white men have it worse than anyone else, if you don’t wanna hear about it or acknowledge that it’s real and try to fix it, then there’s no conversation to be had here at all. And we’ll just break things until you’re not left with any other options but to concede or create a dictatorship.

      Which, incidentally, they’re starting to do in some parts of the country. RIP land of the “free”.

  3. I see that you are open to the idea that there are other points of view; that people living in different parts of the country have different problems, different needs, and even different ideas for solutions. and if chaos and destruction are what you see as the solution, then go for it. I’ll just wait over here and stay out of your way, prepared to contribute in a positive way when, and if, anyone cares.

    • I am open to many ideas that are fair and fix the actual problems.
      Apparently you aren’t. I asked “Are you asking because you wanna fix it? Or because you wanna be a dick and marginalize the problems? Cause if you wanna be a dick about it, there’s no point in talking.” and your answer was completely irrelevant to that question. You didn’t answer. Maybe you don’t like admitting to the answer. Somehow I am guessing your “positive” contributions won’t be very positive for the people protesting.
      Also, if you want me to actually see your comments, you might wanna try actually hitting the reply button so I actually get a notification.

      • okay, lets talk about the affordable care act. consider that it is working so well that the biggest use for “fund me’ sites is to cover medical expenses. That the rates for those who are not directly subsidized have more than doubled over the last two years as government subsidies to the insurance companies have phased out. That in some markets there is only ONE choice for coverage and they get to charge what ever they want until people find themselves paying $1000 – $2500/month with four figure deductibles and next year at least four more large insurers are going to be withdrawing from the marketplace, and rates will increase again. So this is the program you want to see remain in place? or would you rather see something that will work for more people instead of less? If the latter, that requires conversation and compromises – not broken windows

        Lets talk about abortion. Roe vs Wade can only be overturned by SCOTUS and that’s been a crap shoot every time someone brings a challenge up to the supreme court which has happened pretty regularly over the last 50 years since it became law. The white house has no say, although they have argued both sides in many of the challenges. It still comes down to the specific case, the specific arguments and the interpretations of the law by the justices. Unless, of course, you’d rather see that people be denied their rights to appeals. And if so, then where does that stop? what cases can be denied and what cases can be granted? and do you really think you can pass LAWS to stop people from having their opinions about whether or not abortion is killing a life?

        You want to talk about women’s rights? All rights are guaranteed under the constitution, but in the last 200+ years, human beings with limited minds have tried to stop other human beings from moving forward depending on whether or not their prejudice is to sex, religion, color, or some other imagined inferiority. Laws have proven inadequate to changing of peoples mind, to reducing hatred. If anything, they have increased those people’s hatred and made them even more dangerous. And every time a protester breaks a window, it proves them right.

        Shall we talk about poverty and color? The so called war on Poverty started sometime in the 60’s with welfare, food stamps and Medicaid. There have been Urban renewal projects and Affirmative Action programs. and has poverty been eradicated? lessened? or are more people than ever victims? How much money has been spent to achieve so little? Should we find a better way? yes, that would be nice, but it requires conversation and compromises.

        Lets talk about Nixon’s War on drugs. Another money drain that has done nothing to decrease drug useage and only made it more profitable to those who import and sell drugs. and that was added to by Fast and Furious which gave the Mexican Drug cartels about 1700 weapons which they are using to create armed corridors through the southwest for bringing in more drugs; using humans as mules – especially children. They get turned loose into the cities once their job is complete, but since they don’t speak the language or have jobs, they often find themselves at the mercy of those same cartels once they are here. But lets not work on ending that, lets keep our borders open so those poor people can come to America and have an opportunity.

        And lets talk about our generosity, our opportunities. Yes there is room at our table for refugees and needy from other countries. But where is the place for our homeless; either because of mental issues, prolonged joblessness and hopelessness, drug or alcohol addiction. Where is the place for our veterans, so many of whom are homeless because they never received the counseling and help to readjust to society after their discharge. When my Dad took early retirement to move for my mother’s health, he lost his health insurance. Mom had hers under her disability, but my dad had none except the VA. but he didn’t speak Spanish so was unable to get help through the VA for his health issues, so his type 2 diabetes when untreated for years until he finally qualified for medicare and could get help. and that was more than 20 years ago, the VA has not gotten better since then. and yes, my dad died due to complications from his diabetes because it proved almost impossible to stabilize by then.

        lets talk about Planned Parenthood. Yes, the GOP has wanted to defund the program for years now, long before Donald trump ever considered running for president and they use the abortion argument as their reasoning. Donald Trump the president has said that (1) abortion should be in the prevue of the states and that (2) Planned Parenthood has done a great job in providing health care for women. So whether or not he would defund Planned Parenthood would be a matter of congress, not the president. Would he veto a bill to defund it? maybe, and maybe not, depending on how the GOP controlled congress held his feet to the fire and if he did veto it, would they override as they have the majority.

        bathroom access. Who the hell is walking into a rest room announcing they are what sex compared to what rest room they are using? and where are the bathroom police grabbing crotches and checking birth certificates. For people who demand equality, why are people segregating themselves by forcing people to acknowledge their differences? and yes, I’ve faced stereotyping and sexual harassment, and questions about which and what bathroom I’m using – and that started 50 years ago, because it comes from people’s small minds and all the laws and regulations in the world won’t change that.

        Lets talk about the environment. Yes, the GOP has a long history of not protecting the environment. of course, I heard no complaints and saw few protests until the last year against fracking, pipelines, ethanol production and GMO’s among other things. Not until the people of Standing Rock took a stand has anyone made any big moves against environmental abuse. And I see few people willing to give up the luxuries that OIL and unlimited power gives. Plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic phone cases, plastic computer cases, plastic parts in cars. How much garbage is collected every day and thrown “away”. only there is no away. How many protest signs were left on the streets after the women’s marches? Who cleaned that up? where did that garbge get thrown “away”?

        Lets talk about the entire Pacific ocean being made radioactive by the Fukishima power plant fiasco. Its making Chernobyl look like a small problem, because now ALL the fish in the Pacific ocean; the whales, the dolphins, the porpoise, the crabs, the salmon, the haddock, the swordfish, etc, etc. etc are now radioactive and suffering the results. How do you propose that be regulated out of existence? or what laws should be passed? Oh yeah, Japan is a big supporter of Climate change, so that makes this mess okay? We’ll just give them a nod because they are sorry and care? and what happens to the people of the pacific coast who make their living from the sea? especially the indigenous peoples for whom it is more than a livelihood, but their very existence.

        And lets talk about climate change, something that has been happening for 4 billion years since the Earth came into existence. It should stop now because you don’t like it? And laws are going to make a difference? Do you really need to have a law passed so you will change a lifestyle (and that’s the generic you, no the specific you personally) and decrease demands on the limited resources of the planet and the environment (see garbage, plastic, fracking, oil pipeline leaks, automobile pollution). And should we talk about the carbon footprint of building wind turbines and solar panels rather than reducing our energy usage and devising passive solar architecture.

        Lets talk about our agriculture and food and the environment. Lets talk about the move to Ethanol that gave farmers the greenlight to grow more corn and poor chemical fertilizers on their fields rather than rotate crops. chemical fertilizers than have pored into our water ways while stripping the land. Corn crops for ethanol over corn for animal or human food. Lets talk about GMO’s and the subsequent increased useage of round up fertilizer and its side effects – particularly on the weeds that have become immune to it as they cross bred with the GMO plants. So now we have a new batch of GMO seeds coming out with a new batch of herbicides. More money farmers HAVE to spend instead of diversifying their crops, rotating and using heirloom seeds, while the rest of us have to deal with the side effects of all these different chemicals.

        Lets talk about the over regulation of the organic farming industry, while the Big Ag industry gets away with less?

        Lets talk about Whole foods lying about the quality of their “organic” food, so much coming from China where there is NO regulation. despite labeling laws, here is an entire industry ready to take us for our money while lying to us about what they are doing to our health.

        Want to talk about college loans? Do you think they are new? My Dad came out of the army and with the GI bill AND college loans he got his degree. think it took him about 20 years to pay that off. My husband’s doctor was paying his off more than 30 years later. It was the responsibility of taking a loan. Now, there are no jobs, so rather than lobby for jobs, the choice is to lobby for relief from the loan amount. Have a niece who took 5 years to get her degree, double major. Neither of which could get her a job. So she’s a full time nanny and entering cross fit competitions because that has turned out to be her real love. She has a brother who borrowed about $10,000 for a single semester of college – which he dropped out from – and who has an $8/hour job. An argument for a higher minimum wage? how about we offered him twice that and the opportunity to eventually take over our business and basically it came down to, he’d rather earn $8/an hour than $16 cause it meant he had to take less orders.

        Oh yes, I do know some of what the protesters are talking about, and this is just a small sampling of it. But the solutions for pretty much each and every one of these issues and the rest does not come from the government, but from us as individuals working together.

        So if you feel the answer is to trash and burn and destroy, go for it. Cause it will be up to you to rebuild it and live with the chaos you’ve created.

    • “Are you asking because you’re a dick, or want to help?”
      *doesn’t answer question*
      “Ok, but what about my question? Are you asking because you wanna be a dick or because you want to help?”
      *posts huge opinionated rant and still doesn’t answer the question*

      Well, I guess you answered my question.

      You just wanted a sounding board to express YOUR ideas about things. Not to have a conversation. Not to listen to protesters. Not to compromise or listen to other people or do any of the things you claim the protesters should be doing. You’re just another hypocrite spreading fake news (Btw, the paid protester story is being used in Arizona to pass a bill that guts the first amendment and lets police arrest people enmasse and seize individual people’s assets for “funding crimes” if even one protester so much as knocks over a trash can at a protest) and marginalizing other people.

      I won’t even bother reading your post. You never cared about what protesters wanted in the first place. You just wanted a sounding board to express your own ideas. You never wanted to compromise or hear someone elses. You just wanted everyone else to compromise their ideals for you instead.

      Since you have all the answers, I’m sure you’re doing lots to fix it. I’ll be sure to ask you in six months why your ideas haven’t worked yet. I’m sure the answer TOTALLY won’t be all those disenfranchised people not doing what YOU wanted the whole time.

      • Actually my “rant” is asking you the same questions I’ve asked a number of protesters, most of whom give no reply, no answers, no articulation at all. Just as you have not bothered to read my post or answer. The items I’ve posted about are in response to some of the answers I’ve received – not all of them from any one person. some focusing one, maybe two, ideas. Because like most people, different things are important to different people. BUT, my reply also focuses on the fact that all these issues, that have existed for 10 -50 years have suddenly become important. After years of doing nothing, saying nothing, suddenly Donald Trump’s presidency has made the issues some of us have been fighting for decades incredibly important. So where were you over the last 5 decades when these issues were being argued about, when we were being ostracized, when we were fighting against wars and civil injustices and environmental abuses. NOW its a big deal, and suddenly you know so much more and can be so condescending over those who have worked in the trenches for years. So let me turn this back to you. We’ve fought and been unsuccessful, what are your solutions?

      • No, YOU know nothing about me. Heck, I suspect we’re on the same side in general but you’re just a dick about it. (Or lying or playing devils advocate for advantage or some other trolling bs.)

        Now what I know about you is you couldn’t answer my question, probably because you asked me what I was protesting for under false pretenses.
        You did ask not to hear about what my concerns were.
        You did not ask because you wanted to know how I think they should be fixed.
        You asked exclusively with the intention of telling me what YOU thought. (Which you proceeded to do anyhow with no reason.)
        You just now asked me for my solutions, but once again the question turns to “Are you asking because you are compassionate to my needs and want to fix it, or because you are a dick who wants to tell me what you think and doesn’t really care about what I think at all”.
        You’ve had several chances to say “Yes, I am concerned about this, please tell me, I want to help fix genuine pain in society” (like someone who listen and compromises might do?), but instead you posted what you thought completely unprompted. So we know the answer was “You wanted to tell me your thoughts and didn’t care about mine” the whole time.

        I am not a political debate host. If I ask a question you cannot gaslight away from answering it by proclaiming how you’re old and I should respect you and there’s other problems. I asked you the question “Are you asking because you care or because you are a dick?” and you didn’t answer twice, but did proceed to be a dick.

        Since I have my answer to the first question (are you asking me because you care/are you asking me because you want to tell me your ideas), here’s a new couple of questions;

        You ask me what my solutions are. Why should/would I tell you what my solutions are when the only reason you asked me anything in the first place is to criticize me?
        If that’s not why you are asking, why are you continuing to attempt to dodge such simple, straight forward questions?

        And also;
        Can you acknowledge that with this blog post you’ve spread a fake story (proven patently false repeatedly) as if it COULD be true, and continued a pattern that’s eroding constitutional rights in some areas?
        That’s why I commented in the first place (because this is fake news and dangerous) and you never acknowledged that, either, instead going off on other tangents. (More gaslighting.)

        (Incidentally, I posted one citation, but here’s another one showing how dumb social media posts like this one are the only reason this stupid idea of paid protesters even exists and why it’s dangerous to spread even to a small following of crackpot conspiracy theorists… Just in case you claim it’s not relevant that you posted this;

  4. well, wordpress is not giving me a REPLY button to your post and looking back over my original post and the subsequent ones,I’m wondering how I’ve come to deserve your anger and disdain. I’ve expressed concern. I’ve questioned. I’ve expressed myself in a way you obviously disagree with. You have not opened up about what you are hoping for, other than chaos. So you disagree with me. and instead of opening dialogue, you call me names and make accusations. which goes back to my original comments “The current political situation is causing a great deal of disharmony, no matter which “side” you might be on.” I think that this conversation proves that to be true. and “No matter who it is, this is chaos. This is revolution. and revolutions can take years, and be a disruption to the economic and social stability.” and I think we could agree that this statement is true.

    As I’ve said, I’ve worked on some of these issues for 50 years and have no more answers now than I did then, other than, we tried shit and it didn’t work, so we need to try some other stuff now. But calling people like me names and throwing out crap isn’t really moving forward now, is it? Its not even trying to take advantage of some of our experiences and knowledge is it?

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